Gratton was born in Georgetown, Kentucky.  He currently resides in Naples, Florida.  Gratton is a retired swimming pool contractor due to spinal injury.  He returned to college for a second career in Creative Writing.  He enjoys coffee, cigars, sunset, and oil painting.  Gratton does a limited number of oil paintings for friends, family, and his private collection.  SOULBOOKS is his second book. The novel is tailored to bring old superstition to life in hopes of bringing joy to his readers.  The first book was an ideology.  TRUTH & REASON is rather hard to find in Print.  Gratton is considering a second edition.  The text is genre specific for the soul searching or has application as supplemental reading in a college philosophy class.  Gratton is currently drafting a mafia crime saga with an idealist for a protagonist. (Working title)  The book will be done roughly for 2023.  Gratton welcomes your feedback on any of the many book club sites with the format of GOODREADS.  Please leave reviews on the review page.  Encouragement is always welcome.


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